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We specialize in taking the deceased and his/her bereaved family through the process of repatriation from Egypt to any other country in the world smoothly and problem-free.

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Cremation in Egypt can be daunting. Considering the state religion and other aspects, one might think otherwise, but to detail out the answers to many reservations, you can cremate your loved one in the country without any problem at all. We Are Egypt Funerals would be right there by your side to assist you in the whole of the process without letting you delve into any complexity at all. This is our promise.

International Repatriation

International repatriation is funeral assistance in Egypt. It refers to the systematic process of transporting the corpse to its native land where it could be buried with all due honor. Since international entities are involved in this process, there could be many hurdles faced or many difficulties encountered.

Only a reputable and well-versed repatriation service could help anyone with passing the hurdles. In Egypt, there are many of these services, but what makes us different from the rest is our experience and indulgence in a vast network of funeral directors, assistance agencies, medical facilities, and a lot of other entities.

International Repatriation Egypt Funerals
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International repatriation is the name given to the services of origin funeral directors in preparing the body of the deceased and in arranging all the necessary documentation for the transportation of the body to its destination.

However, before that, if you wish to perform burial services in Egypt before transporting your loved one to his hometown, we can assist you in that.

Funeral assistance in Egypt

Funeral Assistance in Egypt

Families looking for funeral assistance in Egypt can go through a lot. However, you can eliminate each and every difficulty by choosing our services. In case your family member dies in Egypt ( Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Aswan, or Luxor ), please do not panic or take any emotional stress. Email us right away. We can help you in making the right choice by keeping your religious and cultural inclinations in mind. Not only this, since we have a keen observation of the national and international norms of repatriation, we can help you choose a way that costs less and causes less strain.

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