International repatriation becomes necessary if your loved one dies in Egypt and you want to take him or her to your home country. We understand that this sentiment could factor in making the last journey of the deceased an honorable one. Therefore, we offer sensible and affordable repatriation of deceased from Egypt (Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Aswan, and Luxor) to any country around the world.

However, as we don’t want you to experience any kind of difficulty because of a lack in knowledge, which could happen sometimes, we have come up with this article on the details of repatriation of human remains and our services in this respect.

Let’s start with simple definitions.

What is international repatriation?

International repatriation is funeral assistance in Egypt or in Hurghada. It refers to the systematic process of transporting the corpse to its native land where it could be buried with all due honor. Since international entities are involved in this process, there could be many hurdles faced or many difficulties encountered.

Only a reputable and well-versed repatriation service could help anyone with passing the hurdles. In Egypt, there are many of these services, but what makes us different from the rest is our experience and indulgence in a vast network of funeral directors, assistance agencies, medical facilities, and a lot of other entities.

As you can see, repatriation is the answer when it comes to finding a suitable process of delivering a deceased person to its hometown.

Having mentioned that, let’s see what are the steps involved.

After the death

After the death of a person, he or she would be required to contact the international funeral directors in Egypt like Egypt Funerals. Once we are informed, we’d act as the sending funeral directors. Right after the initial contact, we would start consulting you and the receiving funeral director to determine a suitable course of action for the repatriation.

This could include consulting about the choice of the airline, costs, and making the funeral memorable and honorable.

Once the proposed road map has been laid out, the deceased would be taken into care by us to prepare it for repatriation. At this moment, we’d arrange for the funeral in funeral homes in Egypt or in Hurghada, zinc-lined caskets, and embalming.

The paperwork for international repatriation

Preparation of the necessary paperwork from the relevant authorities is another important step. It includes gathering the information of the accompanying family, the deceased, and the details of the destination.

Overall, the following certificates are prepared.

  • Embalming certificate.
  • Medical non-infectious certificate.
  • Death certificate.
  • Statutory declaration.
  • Hermetic sealing statement.
  • Consulate approval certificate.
  • Expedition permit of Human remains.

Offerings and viewings

The decision on whether to offer services to the deceased in Egypt or in the hometown rests with the family. In either way, we offer our services.


The traveling procedure itself is very comfortable. Once a nominator takes the responsibility, we’d take the deceased to the respective airline by using a freight forwarder.

The time and cost of the travel depend on the distance of the destination from Egypt. However, according to our estimate, it could require anywhere between 2 to 3 working days and around $1000 to $5000, respectively.


So, this is all about funeral repatriation. If you want to know about our services in details, please contact us.