Funeral Assistance in Egypt – What do you need to know?

If your loved one has recently died, we are here to offer you funeral assistance in Egypt. We understand that losing a loved one incurs immense pain on the heirs or the family; and therefore, we work to alleviate some of that pain by helping them in making all the necessary arrangements for the funeral and the international repatriation of the deceased.

Meet us. We are Egypt Funerals. As our name suggests, we are funeral directors and arrangers who have extensive experience in honoring and transporting those who die in Egypt to their hometowns where they could be laid down to rest. We go through all of the necessary steps in the process, which includes arrangements for the funeral, medical certificates and other documentation, embalming, and the rest. All of our professional funeral directors, medical care staff, and morticians are well-versed in taking anyone through these steps without any problem.

While that was all about us, let us begin by informing you about our funeral assistance services in Egypt.

1. Authorization

Before we begin on making necessary arrangements for funeral services in Egypt, we require an authorization letter, which can only be done by certain parties. It could be a relative, a family lawyer, Insurance company, or any next-of-kin.

2. Paperwork

Once we are authorized, we start working to let you have an easy experience because we know how overwhelming things can get for you. In order to make that happen, we zero in on the paperwork needed from different departments such as embassies, the ministry of health, procedures of hospitals and morgue units, and the airlines.

All of the documentation that we do cover everything from the origin to the destination. This ensures that every aspect of your journey would be covered until the deceased and you reach your home.

3. Preparation of the deceased

It is well-known that the deceased or the corpse has to be prepared for the funeral. Preparation of the corpse refers to arranging a suitable casket, dealing with the specifics of a funeral, collaborating with the funeral house to choose the right date and time of the funeral, arranging suitable transportation means, arranging offerings or viewings, and dealing with any religious or cultural specifications.

Apart from these, if the family prefers cremation over burial, we make the necessary arrangements for that, too.

4. At the funeral

After the deceased has been prepared, he or she is transported to the funeral site to commence all the necessary offerings. In this regard, preparations have to be done and we do them with all our professionalism. It includes the following:

  • Dressing the deceased
  • Arranging suitable music
  • Funeral oration management
  • Filming facility
  • Arranging funeral flowers
  • Seating arrangement

All of the above-mentioned arrangements are done by keeping the sentiments of the bereaved family in mind so that there is no discrepancy whatsoever.

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