Egypt funerals services, The death of a loved one in a foreign country brings immense emotional setback, we can understand. However, in difficult times like these, consider us right beside you.
We specialize in taking the deceased and his/her bereaved family through the process of repatriation from Egypt to any other country in the world smoothly and problem-free. Our expertise and a deep connection with the local funeral homes, funeral directors, medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, and assistance agencies in Egypt and around the world would come in handy in helping you laying the deceased to rest with dignity and respect.
Talking about the core of our services, we can divide it into three principal categories.

Egypt Funerals services for families.

Families looking for funeral assistance in Egypt can go through a lot. However, you can eliminate each and every difficulty by choosing our services. In case your family member dies in Egypt (Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Aswan, or Luxor), please do not panic or take any emotional stress. Email us right away. We can help you in making the right choice by keeping your religious and cultural inclinations in mind. Not only this, since we have a keen observation of the national and international norms of repatriation, we can help you choose a way that costs less and causes less strain.
While that is only the introduction, our detailed services for families include:
• Cremation in Egypt,
• Assistance in the funeral homes in Egypt, in Hurghada,
• Repatriation of human remains,
• Arrangements of transportation for family members,
• Providing means of recording or filming the whole funeral,
• Making necessary arrangements abroad, and
• Treating the family of the deceased with respect and dignity.

Egypt Funerals services for funeral directors

Egypt Funerals has an extensive connection with international funeral directors in Egypt. Our services in this respect can help funeral directors make the necessary arrangements for the repatriation or even a local funeral in funeral homes in Egypt, Hurghada, or anywhere else in the country. We can help you in:
• Transportation facilities,
• Caskets and coffins (zinc-lined),
• Embalming,
• Airlines booking and tickets,
• Translation of the necessary documentation,
• Third-party assistance, and
• Any additional services required depending on the circumstance.

Egypt Funerals services for assistance companies

Whether it is cremation in Egypt from another country or repatriation of human remains, we have been in line with the assistance companies all over the world. Due to our sheer professionalism and work ethics, we have been able to garner much trust. Majority of the internal funeral directors, repatriation services, insurance companies, medical facilities, and embassies and consultants in Egypt and abroad count on us for speedy consultation, preparation, and delivery.

A summary of our services in this respect is following.

• We lay out a workable roadmap for coordination with the assistance companies around the world.
• All of the legal documentation for the embassies, consultants, and law enforcement agencies involved are prepared with the highest credibility.
• We perform part or full of the repatriation services based on the agreed limits chalked out by us and the assistance companies.
• We ensure a full-fledged support for the assistance company’s representatives and family members in terms of embalming, medical certificate generation, and transportation services.

If you are keen to know more about our services in details, please feel free to contact us.