Cremation in Egypt can be daunting. Considering the state religion and other aspects, one might think otherwise, but to detail out the answers to many reservations, you can cremate your loved one in the country without any problem at all. We Egypt Funerals would be right there by your side to assist you in the whole of the process without letting you delve into any complexity at all. This is our promise.

This article is our first step towards guiding you on the whole process and leading you towards a respectful and memorable funeral, cremation, and international repatriation just like you have envisaged for your loved one. Of course, none of us can bring the dead back to life, but we can do is give his or her corpse the respect that it deserves. After all, he or she had been a part of lives for our entire past lives.

Without any further ado, let’s begin this guide.

Is cremation in Egypt the right choice?

You could ask the international funeral directors in Egypt about this. However, all of them are going to give you a single answer. Whether you want to cremate your loved one or not entirely depends on your religious and cultural inclinations, and your desire for the means of transporting or repatriating the corpse. In the former, you are bound to make a stern decision as it is the matter of religion, but in the latter, anyone can choose cremation in order to lessen the stress of carrying a casket by air. This could especially be the reason if we consider long travels.

So, conclusively, it is wholly you who can decide whether cremation in Egypt is the right option for you.

Funeral assistance in Egypt – Is it going to be hard?

Not at all. Funeral assistance in Egypt provided by credible and professional international repatriation services like ours can make everything nothing but a blizzard. We can help your funeral director arrange a memorable funeral in any funeral homes in Egypt, Hurghada, or anywhere else. Our help includes the preparation of the deceased, arranging for the necessary transportation services, and filming the whole funeral to give the bereaved families a chance to value the final departure of their loved ones. Throughout the funeral, we would make sure that the deceased receives the honor and respect that he or she deserves.

Dissemination of the ashes. What are your options?

As we alluded to it above, you could choose to repatriate the ashes from Egypt to your native country. However, if that is not what you want, we can make the necessary arrangements to help you scatter the ashes in a nearby sea or river. We understand that this process is preferable in some religions such as Hinduism, but even in other instances, you can go for it without thinking about any major hassles.

The last farewell before cremation

As you bid your last farewell to the deceased one, we’d assist you in meeting all the necessary legal documentation requirements. Without you even knowing it, we’d make the process as smooth as you imagine it.