Burial services in Egypt,

International repatriation is the name given to the services of origin funeral directors in preparing the body of the deceased and in arranging all the necessary documentation for the transportation of the body to its destination.

However, before that, if you wish to perform burial services in Egypt before transporting your loved one to his hometown, we can assist you in that.

Who are we?

We are Egypt Funerals a funeral assistance company having expertise in helping people meet their deceased loved ones that died in Egypt. But this is not all, we also help in arranging all the burial services locally and internationally. Our professional team also sees the legal paperwork necessary for easy and hassle-free transportation of the corpse.

If any member of your family has recently died in Egypt, contact us now before it’s too late to take him or her back to his/her country. We’d love to take you through the process without either over-charging you or increasing the emotional stress you are already going through.

What does our burial services in Egypt include?

If we talk about our services, they include everything from the very moment we receive your call or your email to the point when you and your deceased beloved lands on the country of destination. International repatriation is just one of the steps of the process we let our clients undergo.

1. Consultation

When the right time comes, we sit with you to discuss the possible route for the course of events. Since we are known to believe in the perfect execution of the plans we chalk out, we deem this step necessary. All the arrangements ranging from dates to times are discussed in the consultation session.

2. Preparation

Once we’ve agreed on a suitable course, we begin working on the proposed plan. Preparation comes first after consultation. It includes preparation of all the paperwork from all the departments involved such as a hospital, an embassy, consultants, destination funeral directors, and assistance agencies. We make sure that each paperwork is carried out with maximum precision and accuracy so that you don’t face any difficulty when you do burial services in Egypt.

The second phase of this preparation relates to the corpse. We arrange zinc-lined caskets for it, transportation facilities, and burial services in Egypt.

3. Burial services

Here again, we keep your inclination in mind. Depending on your religion, we carry out burial services in Egypt in order to honor the deceased. These services could include arrangements of transportation to the funeral home, music arrangements, clergy invitation, seating arrangements, eulogy preparation, flower and viewing arrangements on the funeral day.

Since we are talking about the repatriation here, the funeral would most likely occur in a funeral home in Egypt. Just as you expect, church bells would be sounded right before and after the funeral.

If you prefer cremation, necessary arrangements would be made for that, too. With that, the option of dissemination of the ashes would also rest with you.

All in all, our burial services are more than just honoring the dead person, but are about making everything happen as smoothly as possible. After the proposed burial services take place, we begin working on international repatriation.