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we are one of the most credible international funeral directors in Egypt. If you want your deceased beloved to be transported to its home country with all due honor and respect, consider contacting us for International repatriation of human remains from Egypt.

Repatriation of Human Remains
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Repatriation of Human Remains

We offer a range of international repatriation services for individuals, families, & corporates.

International Repatriation of Deceased

Our journey has not been easy as anyone would think. Creating something like Egypt Funerals company for repatriation of deceased from Egypt ( Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Aswan, and Luxor ) to any other country meant maintaining high standards and creating an extensive network where everyone involved trusted us and helped us provide the professionalism we had in mind. We did experience many hurdles in doing so. However, at the end of the day, our commitment of providing stress-free repatriation services to the emotionally drained families, professionally responsible funeral directors, and all of the involved local and foreign assistance companies lead us forward and helped us solve every puzzle on our way.

Our Mission

It wasn’t until our understanding of the importance and need for systematic repatriation services in our country that Egypt Funerals company came into being. Seeing bereaved families yearning and toiling hard to meet their loved ones abroad was indeed painful at first, but then it became an inspiration for our work – something that motivated us to work for their betterment and to give them at least a service which could lessen the pain they were experiencing.
Now, as we reflect back on where we were at our creation and where we are now, we feel pride and honor in successfully completing international repatriation of Deceased or the repatriation of human remains.



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Registrations at Health Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry and at the Consulate.





Body release from the Prosecutor section as well as from the hospital with each and every possible care.





Die Freundlichkeit kommt vom Herzen – Vielen Dank für Ihre professionelle Fürsorge und Rücksichtnahme bei den Rückführungsvereinbarungen für meine Mutter. Sie haben dazu beigetragen, die schwierige Zeit zu erleichtern und den Tag problemlos und erfolgreich zu gestalten.

Repatriation from Egypt to Germany

Many thanks for all your help and care in organizing my Aunt’s funeral arrangements; it was totally “stress-free.” Everyone said how nice everything was and felt that my Aunt would have agreed. A big thank you to your team. Thank you again from both of us.

Repatriation from Egypt to the UK

Deseo manifestar mis más sinceros agradecimientos en representación de la familia Martinez, por la profesionalidad y atención recibida, en especial a Fatma y a todo el equipo que intervino en tan dolorosa gestión. Me voy con un alto concepto de vuestros servicios, ya que por desgracia me han atendido en otra funeraria hace dos años tan sólo, y la diferencia con vosotros está en la sensibilidad y cariño con la que nos habéis tratado.

Repatriation from Egypt to Spain