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With Egypt Funerals, international repatriation is more than just transporting human remains to their destination, it is a great responsibility, which needs to be carried out with prudence.

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International Repatriation

Repatriation, in general, means returning something valuable to its place of origin. Taking this forward, international repatriation mean returning deceased people to their home countries.


Cremation in Egypt Funerals can be daunting. Considering the state religion and other aspects, one might think otherwise, but to detail out the answers to many reservations, you can cremate your loved one in Egypt without any problem at all.


We are Egypt Funerals, a funeral assistance company having expertise in helping people meet their deceased loved ones that died in Egypt. But this is not all, we also help in arranging all the burial services locally.

Egypt Funerals is an Experienced Agent You Can Trust

We have dealt with numerous cases and have transported countless corpses to their home countries. This has inevitably granted us a window on the way things work. We have understood deeply the working of everything from a funeral to the final step of repatriation.

So, if any corpse is to be transported, we could provide services with indigenous approach and eventuality.


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The death of a loved one can be the most painful experience we can go through. However, we can change this experience into a time of reflection, love, and healing for ourselves and the rest of our families. This can only be done when we take the right decisions at the right time so that we stand responsible for making the last journey of the deceased smooth and pleasant.

In your hometown, you could make this possible without any problem. The real difficulties arise when you are handling the deaths of your companions, family members, or corporate employees abroad.

However, rest assured and do not worry as Egypt Funerals here to help you in case you need repatriation of deceased from Egypt ( Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Aswan, and Luxor ) to anywhere in the world.

Why only Egypt Funerals for International repatriation?

International repatriation requires prudence more than anything. Since it is the matter of dealing with a deceased person, care has to be taken in order to ensure that the family members or companions of the deceased do not experience any emotional setback. Not only this, every step of the process has to be carried out with stark accuracy and speed so that the repatriation is done in a timely manner.

Egypt Funerals ensure both of these.

Here’s how we do it.

The process starts with valuable advice

We did talk about the importance of the right decisions at the right moment when you have to deal with an international repatriation. In this aspect, the foremost step to take is to sit with us and discuss all the outcomes. Egypt Funerals have been consulting families like you for the past many years; and therefore, we do understand what would be suitable for you regarding the authorities here in Egypt, the airlines that operate to your destination, and each of the international machinery involved in making the repatriation possible.

Preparation of the corpse

Once we discuss all the possible means of making the international repatriation of your loved one possible, we begin the process itself without causing any delays. We prepare the deceased in accordance with the international protocols. That could include a variety of things from our funeral home in Egypt to the preparation of the coffin, which are stated in our services in details.


International repatriation involves transportation of a dead body from one country to another. Sometimes, this also involves the journey of the accompanying family with the casket, either in the same airline or a separate one, depending on the circumstances. In order to make sure everything goes smoothly enough, relevant documentation has to be obtained from the authorities in Egypt and in the country of arrival.

We make sure that this phase is carried out with minimal hurdles to ensure that you don’t face any further emotional stress. 

As you can see, from the funeral home in Egypt to the international repatriation of deceased, from Egypt ( Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Aswan, and Luxor ) to another country is carried out by us with utmost care and responsibility. We promise an immaculate approach towards consultation, preparation of the deceased, and the relevant documentation. If you require our services, please feel free to contact us.

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